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1. Laser-assisted Turbinectomy (LAT)

With modern ENT Laser, mild to moderate degree of deviated nasal septum can now be corrected within 30 minutes. LAS is a simple and painless clinic procedure with proven success worldwide over the last 15 years

2. Laser-assisted Polypectomy (LAP)

Nasal polyp can be safely removed with ENT Laser as outpatient. Relief of nasal obstruction is almost immediate

3. Laser-assisted Uvuloplasty (LAUP)

For habitual snorer with or without mild obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), LAUP provides a quick and effective solution for suitable candidates. Removal of uvula with Laser only takes 30 minutes as outpatient under local anesthesia. Gradual scarring and contraction reduce vibration of soft palate, therefore the sound of snoring

ENT Laser Services
Laser-assisted Turbinectomy (LAT)

4. Laser Cauterization

Dilated vessels over the nasal septum can cause troublesome nose bleeding.

Cauterization under local anesthesia with chemical, heat or Laser induces scarring over the septum, making recurrent bleeding less likely

Laser-assisted Polypectomy (LAP)
Laser-assisted Uvuloplasty (LAUP)
Laser Cauterization

5. Laser Excision of Oral Lesion

For small lesion in the mouth like papilloma, bloodless excision with laser under local anesthesia is simple and fast

Laser Excision of Oral Lesion
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